The Laboratory of Pathophysiology in Aging (GEROLAB) investigates the normal aging and chronic degenerative diseases. In addition, it aims to form a critical mass of researchers and technicians specialized in the study of human aging.

The Human Brain Bank of the Brazilian Aging Brain Study Group (HBB-BABSG) was created in 2004 as a result of the union of the Departments of Pathology and Neurology and the Discipline of Geriatrics from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo. Since 2004, more than 3,000 brains have been donated to HBB-BABSG by the relatives of deceased individuals who underwent autopsy at the São Paulo Autopsy Service from University of São Paulo.

The Biobank for Studies in Aging (BSA) is the result of the HBB-BABSG expansion. The BSA aims to obtain a large amount of data and biological material to foster an extensive network of interdisciplinary research on human aging.