Glenda Batalha Veríssimo

Nurse graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo. Specialist in clinical and surgical nursing by the Federal University of São Paulo. Residence in Adult and Elderly Health by the State University of Campinas. Glenda works in the clinical interview team.

Jasminne Santana Silva

Nurse graduated from Universidade Paulista in 2017. Jasmine participates in the activities of the Laboratory of Pathophysiology in Aging of the University of São Paulo Medical School since March 2018 as part of the clinical interview team.

Andréia Merissi Valério

Nurse graduated from the University Nove de Julho in 2017. Andrea is a trainee at Gerolab – Laboratory of Pathophysiology in Aging at FMUSP since March 2018. She is part of the team that performs the collection and processing of biological material, as well as the recording of data in spreadsheets and other collection procedures.

Rosana Silva

Nurse graduated from Universidade Gama Filho (RJ), with a postgraduate degree in Geriatrics and Gerontology from Santa Casa de Misericórdia in São Paulo, in Family Health Strategy by the Souza Marques Foundation, in Urgency and Emergency at Uninove University, and in Nursing Work at Uninove University.